Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I'm Lovin!

Okay so I've been thinking for awhile about changing my blog title. Since I'm not creative at all and can't think of anything at this moment I'm just going to keep it the same. BUT.... I always want to post about so many things, but since the blog its called "all about aiden... always," I feel like I  can only post about him and things involving him.

I decided I need to get over that and just write about whatever I want to and people can read it if they want!

So the first thing I'm doing is "Things I'm Lovin!" I have been wanting to do this for awhile but not sure how to go about it. Well I created the button but I'm still not sure how to let people "link up." I might just leave it as a button and if people want to grab it and do a post then they can! Im sure NO ONE will... or maybe just my sisters but I think I'm going to have fun with it :)

I'm always using new products of all types,trying new recipes, finding new web sites, new clothes, new stuff for aiden,  good deals... SO MANY THINGS that I want to share with the world (or my 15 followers!ha!) Well now when I find something fun and want to share then Ill just post my button and talk about the item or items! Seriously it can be ANYTHING you want! I am the queen of random so this could get interesting but I think it will be fun if I actually stick with it. And I encourage everyone to do the same thing! I love hearing where people are shopping, what they're reading, cooking, wearing, what shows you like, movies, cars, decorating tips, blogs you follow, etc!!!

Now that I got this post done talking about my new idea I'll wait for tomorrow to actually do the first "Things I'm Lovin"  post :) Two in one day... yea right, I'm ready for bed! ha!

This could be a huge flop and maybe Ill do one and be done... we'll see!

Good night!!

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  1. I will do it...I am/was looking for something to post on a certain day of the week every week. It'd be great for me to do "Thursday Things I'm Lovin" So I will stick your button on my blog as many Thursdays as I can think of things I'm lovin! Great idea :)