Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday: Things I'm Lovin!

My sweet friend Heather said she would do Thursdays:Things Im Lovin! And I thought that was a great idea! I might change my button to say that or just wait and see how many thursdays I actually do it! So here it goes...

Do you have a Scentsy?!?! If not, find a seller and get one NOW!! Scentsy Warmers use a low-watt bulb to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick.  I especially love them because they are flame-less and if you're like me, a person who has left a candle burning countless times you need one of these. If you forget to turn it off, its no big deal! Plus the fragrences are amazing!! My dad and Kelley bought mine for my birthday. My dad told me to just use one bar or the smell is too strong. When have I ever listened to my dad ;) I threw in 2 bars and (as usual) Dad was right.... GAG!! The smell was good but WOW! So now I just use one bar and it lasts F.O.R.E.V.E.R

Funny story actually... I was getting sick of the scent I had been using since I got the Scentsy (In January) so I turned the warmer on to melt the wax then when it was all liquid I poored it down the kitchen sink. I figured it would melt the trash bag so the trash can wasn't an option. I didn't even think twice about it. It wasn't until I was doing dishes later that afternoon, water just kept rising in the sink, and the garbage disposal wasn't  helping at all, I realized maybe I had done something wrong. OOPS! Mike was out of town doing training for work and I didn't want to add to his stress level at all so I did nothing for a few hours. I was secretly hoping it'd fix itself :) Otherwise I was just going to call a plumber and pay for it. Well my brother was coming over to go with me and pick up a kitchen table so when he got there I told him what had happened. He proceeded to tell me to get a bucket as he cleaned out underneath the sink to start working on the pipes. I was like ummmm Tony do you know what your doing?? He said "I've seen this done on tv before." WHAT!?!? I had no faith, but low and behold he knew exactly what he was doing and fixed it! You should have seen the huge chunk of wax that had completely plugged the pipe. It was huge. I said... atleast it smells good :) He wasn't amused! My brother is a saint... Realtor by day, plumber by night! HA!

So anyways back to the Scensty... they are great! I still buy candles but there is really no need for them, the scentsy smells up the whole house! I need some new yummy scents for fall/winter.  I also want a few new warmers to switch it up alittle. This Fall one is CUTE. Mine is simple and can be out year round. I love it. I really want to invest in some of the plug ins too!!

Go getcha one!

2:: HomeGoods!!

This place is the :) Since we dont own a home yet I dont want to put too much money into decorating. Who knows how I will decorate our house some day so why spend $$$ on things you dont know if you'll use again. Enter HomeGoods...
I have been there countless times since we've moved to KC. I haven't bought ALOT but I look alot and have a list of a ton of things I want. Its so inexpensive and the quality is good! These stores are usually attached or around a Marshalls. Another store I like. I found Aiden the CUTEST pair of Levis jeans there for $10 last week. LOVE*

Also if you in to decorating for seasons or holidays why spent a lot of money for items that you see for a month out of the year! Here are a few purchases I have made lately...

I bought some table mats, an apothecary jar and fallish bulbs and balls for inside of it. Im OBSESSED with all apothecary right now and plan on going back soon to buy ALL their jars. You can use them for SO many things!

And the other item was a polka dot pumpkin :)

To make matters worse... its RIGHT up the street from us. Ugh oh! :)

There is always some sort of product/item Im lovin for Aiden! These crayola bath markers have really come in handy!

He has always loved bath time! But he LOVES to color but is still at a young age that he colors on everything is your not watching his every little move. When I saw these I knew he'd enjoy them and I didn't have to worry about where all he'd use them :) Lately since I've been home with Aiden and Mike has been working its been diffucult showering and getting ready. Aiden wants to be RIGHT in the bathroom with me and it takes me hours instead of 45 min because im constantly grabbing brushes, make-up, hairspray and keeping him away from my straightener. So the other day I plopped him in the bath and gave him his markers while I proceeded to get ready. Worked like a charm! I could watch him and get ready and he was having a BLAST coloring all over the walls of the bath tub. It was great. He might have been a wrinkly old man by the time he was done but he was happy and threw a fit when I made him get out! They wipe right off with a wet wash cloth which is nice as well. Ill probably get him the bath drops and bath crayons once these are done... I'm a fan Crayola. Thank you.

And of course Im ALWAYS lovin this lil guy :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. This is a very cute idea Amber, I have the scentsy plug-ins one here at work actually and I love them! I might copy this idea from you as well! We had home goods in MO and I loved it, but my checking account is glad we are a little further away now!

  2. tina, i'd love for you to participate! thanks! homegoods IS bad news for the bank acct!! Im trying to restrain :)

  3. I need a Scentsy!!! I've heard all about them, but have not purchased one of these little suckers yet. Great Christmas idea I might have to wait : ) Yay for a new Thursday theme!!

  4. Hahaha, can't believe you did that to your sink.....actually I can. I think you are supposed to soak the wax up with a paper towel then throw it away. That's what I do with my little one at least. I am going to try to do this Things I am Lovin Thursdays, think it's so cute! Good idea sis, you are becoming quite the blogger.

  5. No, your supposed to pour the hot wax back into the package it came in. I read the instuctions when I bought my Walmart one :)

  6. My mom sells them! Here is her website: