Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!

Im bursting with excitement because at this time tomorrow night I will be reunited with ALL these lovely ladies PLUS a few more!! EEEEEK!!

What started out as a little birthday dinner has turned into a night with TONS to celebrate....
1. Erin's Birthday, My birthday, Briana's Birthday!!
2. Erin and Ali's Engagement!!
3. Mandy and Brady's Engagement!!
4. Michelle's nephew!!

How great is all this?!?! I can't stop smiling Im just SOOO excited and happy! :)

{I had so much fun digging up some photos from the good ol' days... these all make me laugh out loud, I cant get over how much we've all changed!!}

All of us girls and our men will be dining at the succulent Bristol Restaurant at the Power and Light District... then out on the town!

There are GOOD times to be had tomorro night!  I can not wait for an an amazing evening with beautiful friends with SO much to celebrate and more memories to make!!

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