Monday, February 7, 2011

What- A- Weekend!!

This past weekend was just SO much fun! We spent all our time surrounded by family, and there is really nothing better than that!!

Friday night was family time for Mike, me and Aiden... I cooked us dinner, we played with Aiden before bed and then Mike and I watched a movie. I was really shocked we both stayed awake through it the whole thing. Life has been busy and hectic lately and exhausted doesn't  even describe how we feel.

Mike has been working LONG hours this past week... like riduculous hours, like if that were me I'd curl up in a little ball and cry like a baby, hours. :) He even had to work Saturday and Sunday. Boo!! He went in early Saturday morning though and was done by 2 so he could meet us at the Boulevard Brewery!

Yep that's right we went to the Boulevard Brewery and went on a tour of it! SO COOL!!! My cousin Kayla booked it months ago so her and her husband Judson, My sister Sarah and fiance Derek, Mike and I all went!! The tour itself wasnt exactly what I had in mind but it was still neat to learn about the history of Boulevard, and see the amazing building where it all happens. The architects and engineers behind the brewery are absolutely genius. The place is beautiful and I have decided I want my wedding reception there if I ever have one.  ;) how cool would that be?!?!

While we were doing that budda doo was spending the day with Grandpa Don and Uncle Joe! Mike's parents got in town late friday night and since we had the tour planned for awhile, it gave the guys a chance to do manly man things with Aiden (cabelas!) and Alissa and Linda shopped til they dropped then got spoiled at the spa! We all met back at Joe and Alissa's that night for dinner and some wine. I LOVE spending girl time with Alissa and Linda, there is never a dull moment or lull in the convo, we really enjoy eachothers company! EARLY Sunday morning Mike went to work and Aiden and I did some grocery shopping for super bowl nummies! We then met up with Mike's family and all headed to Independence Missouri to check out The Big Biscuit! After watching my brother on Check Please! we HAD to go there :) It was very good, just a little far for me. I fell asleep on the way home! HA.

                                             { Lookin ALL handsome for his day with the boys!}

                                                        {krispy kream coma!}

After saying our goodbyes to Don and Linda, Aiden and I headed home. He laid down for a nap and about that time my mom arrived to help me get ready for the Super Bowl. I could honestly care less about the game... its all about the food, commerials and half time show for me! It did make it more enjoyable this year knowing a former K-Stater was playing... GOOO JORDY!! Sarah and Derek came over as well as Kayla and Judson. {Like I said... fun with family this weekend!!}

Check out our spread:
stuffed jalapenos
sausage cheese dip
spinach dip
buffalo dip
brooke's dip
sub sandwiches
and most importante WINGS!!

I baked wings for the first time and they were seriously the!! When is the next competition in kc... sign me up!! I was beyond pleased with the way they turned out... they were definitely a crowd pleaser!! Maybe one day Ill divulge my secrets... ;)

BYOTV- ba ha ha!

Such a great weekend...LOVE both our families to death, always good times when they are around!!

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  1. Jealous of all the family time, maybe you should put a warning on these posts, such as Amy Warning:Contains lots of fun stuff that doesn't include you, so proceed with caution. The food looks freakin amazing!! Who had to bring the tv? That is so hilarious!