Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*Snow Day* Part ll

Well I figured Aiden's daycare might be closed again today and when I called this morning I was in fact right. I was a little bummed just because I was super stir crazy by the end of the day yesterday but I woke not feeling very well and after taking a look outside I didn't care too much.

The plows must have been in a hurry {understandable} because they didnt plow our whole neighborhood. Kind of hard to explain where we live but the road comes to a T and you have to go right or left. Well they kept going left and we live to the right so our street was still completely covered in snow and then where the plow came through it made a huge 3 ft pile of snow on top of it.

okay so these are the pics I took this morning... you can kindof see what im talking about with the road. So when I opened the blinds to take pics, our poor sweet neighbor's car was stuck. I felt so horrible snapping pics but he got out before too long. {Mike shoveled their drive way the last time it snowed and helped his sister get her car out when she was stuck so we're not completely horrible people for not running out to help him!} Its hard to see but in the 3rd pic you can see his shovel he left in the snow once he got out and the 4th pic shows him coming back for it. Ha! I thought he was being nice leaving it for the next person that was sure to get stuck but maybe he realized he might need it if he gets stuck again! ;)

Mike HAD to get to Topeka to work... so he shoveled the drive way a bit then got ready. When it was time to go he took my car that was in the garage and I went out to move his in the garage for me to use if I had to. Well that ended in disaster because I "took my time" backing up and got the vehicle stuck!!! Mike was completely dressed in dress pants, button down and his nice shoes and was less than thrilled when he had to help  me get the car out of the 3 ft drift. oops. I felt horrible having him get all wet so he got in the drivers seat and I PUSHED and FINALLY he gunned it and got it up the drive way! Great way to start the morning. sheesh.

I decided since we had a super lazy day yesterday I needed to be productive today. I set Aiden up in the kitchen with his play dough and I got started on the mountain of laundry we had.

It was sooo hard to get stuff done because I felt horrible!! I just wanted to curl up on the couch and sleep ALL day. It took all the energy I had to do anything especially take care of my crazy toddler. I was drinking OJ and Emer-gen-C like it was my job! ha

Instead of napping when Aiden napped I went through old tubs of his clothes and surfed the internet. When I was just about to fall asleep I heard his bedroom door open and he was UP. Such my luck!!

So we had a snack and since the snow plows had finally came back through and did our street we had a huge pile of snow at the end of our drive way. I KNOW the jeep wont make it through that so I needed to get outside and do something about it! {someone please explain why they would make an SUV that isn't 4 wheel drive... seriously....} We bundled up and headed outside!


We didn't last too long. Shoveling is HARD work and I just couldnt get the groove of it. HA. It felt so awkward... and it was just hard with a constant flo coming out of my nose, Aiden kept taking off his gloves and touching the snow and my feet were FROZEN. Hey, atleast I tried. 

 I had put some hot cocoa on the stove before we went out so I decided it was time to go in and have a treat :)

he made quite the mess trying to get those marshmallows out.

he liked it a lot after it cooled down a bit!

We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day...I did get ALL the laundry done and the kitchen completely cleaned. But to whine a little more... I not only finished off our last box of kleenex, Im now on my second roll of toilet paper. THANK GOD I got the soft charmin last time at the store. :) My nose is bright red and completely raw. ouch!! This was the first time in 2 years I didnt get a flu shot and I know everyone is different but I have constantly been sick this winter and was hardly ever the past two. Not sure if the shot has anything to do with it or not but I am just SOOOO sick of being sick!!

In other EXCITING news mr. aiden went POOP on the potty today! {sorry, but if you read my blog your asking for it! ha! It is All About Aiden..Always!} So this has been a potty training issue for us so Im thrilled he went for me! He went for auntie Sarah on Saturday and for his teacher on Monday so I think we're making progress!! He was SO excited!

 He kept looking in the toilet and saying
 "mommy yook! (look) a pickle!!"
{when he says pickle it could be the food or a freckle. he says both the same}
I said "a freckle??"
he said "No! a pickle!"
"a pickle??"

I guess he thought his poop looked like a pickle. (gross)

He also says
"good job Aiden Michael Schuessler"
when he's done going to the bathroom. It cracks me up!

the necessities for potty training. :)
{sorry I was sitting in the bathroom for an hour waiting for him to go... i got bored.}

I never thought I'd say this but Im pretty excited to go back to work. Put my heels on, do my hair and make up, get OUT of this house and Aiden back to school and in his normal routine. Praying I feel better too!
So we can now say we survived the Blizzard of Oz...  and now its back to reality tomorrow!!

Muah!! :)


  1. Your little man is so cute! I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen today too:)

  2. Wow if you stayed at home you would blog all the time, I pretty much stay at home and I SUCK at blogging! There just isn't enough time during nap, unless I want my house to look disgusting and my laundry to overtake the bedrooms. His poop story is hilarious! A pickle! Ha!