Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy HEART Day!!

I love Valentine's Day!! I always have! My mom always made a big deal of all holidays and I loved it...and now I want to do the same thing for my children. Valentine's Day snuck up on me this year, I was NOT prepared! I didn't send out Valentine's to family and friends like I wanted to and I didn't do anything fun and creative for Aiden's Valentine's :( Here are some of the ideas I found last week but just never got around to getting the supplies for them...

There were SOO many cute ideas Im so mad at myself for not doing them... I had friends in town this weekend, plus I had to work and go to my sisters wedding dress fitting and time just slept away. We'll do it real big next year when Aiden's a little older and can help with these crafts! Im already excited!

So today Aiden and I put together some last minute Valentines goodie bags for him to take to his friends at school tomorrow.

We put a couple suckers, smarties, a heart stamp/ink pad toy and a straw in them. I also made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies and put a couple in each bag as well! {the rest are going with mike to work... lord knows I do NOT need them here!} We had signed up to bring juice for his party so thats why I got the cute heart twisty straws {they totally remind me of my childhood} and the fun cups! We also got Mickey Mouse Valentine cards and Aiden colored inside of them for his friends.  I think the bags turned out pretty cute for last minute effort. ha!

Grandma Linda and grandpa Don sent Aiden a sweet Valentines package that we recieved Friday. Inside was the CUTEST John Deere zip up hoodie and t-shirt. Seriously Adorable.

He was being a little stinker and NOT cooperating for any pics this morning. He wore his new stuff since we were meeting my dad and kelley for lunch! Thanks SO much grandma and grandpa, we LOVE it!!

Linda also whipped up a couple Valentine shirts for Aiden. She is seriously THE BEST and makes him the cutest stuff. Remember last year...

Awww!! Was he NOT the cutest little thing ever??

Here are the shirts she made for this year. Another tie one as well as a dinosaur one which he wore Friday. {The other one is a shirt she made awhile ago, I thought I had taken a pic of the valentines ones alone but i guess not.}

They are all too cute and he is going to look so handsome for his party tommorow :)
Once again, thank you Linda!!

Aiden's going to get a nice little suprise in the morning...

It is the cutest, softest little guy ever! And smells delicious too! I didn't get him any candy because I figured he would have enough at his school party tomorrow. So he's just getting Ollie, a card and a balloon which im sure will be his favorite part.... it could entertain him for days! ha

I've been wanting to venture to the cupcakery up the street from us so it might be a little treat for Aiden and I tomorrow night :)

oooh baby! Omg yum!!

Yes it will just be me and Aiden tomorrow night :( Mike is going on working 20 straight days and is headed back to Topeka tomorrow. Such a bummer but only 7 more days then he'll be working in KC the following week. Friday night was our Valentines celebration with dinner at Bristol and tonight were watching a movie.... but still wish he was going to be with us.

Lucky for me I have 2 valentines so with Mike being gone I still get to spend the special day with the other man in my life... Mr. Aiden, and I couldn't be more excited!

Some papa murphy's pizza is on the menu...

{so romantic}

and we'll be watching our Cats play!! KU of all teams... should be interesting! I still think we have a chance and a win would be a sooo great. Its at Bramlage so hopefully the boys decide to show up and give everyone a Valentines Day Win!

We hope everyone enjoys their special day tomorrow!


  1. OMG I could just eat him in those pictures from last year, he has changed so much! He looks like a baby in those pics. I spent Valentines alone too :) We celebrated last night at Bonefish. Love the new pics, he is such a stud (even when he is pouting for pictures, ha!) Miss you guys!

  2. Hi

    What kind of school does a 2 yr old attend and how often?
    I'm pretty old and didn't even have kindergarten. BJ