Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend

We kicked off 4th of July weekend with some wedding festivities!!

Mike had his best friend Matt's wedding in KC and I had my best friends wedding to attend in Manhattan! It was really unfortunate that they had to be on the same day :( I was sad to have missed Matt and Genie's and I'm also sad Mike missed Ramey and Greg's.

Mike's parents were coming for Matt's wedding so Aiden stayed in KC and spent the weekend with them. Mike was the best man in the wedding so he was busy busy. Im so proud of Mike because he wrote an amazing best man speech. He did the perfect job of making it sentimental but funny at the same time, it made me cry... but what doesn't ;)  It was perfect, he did so good!!

 He said the wedding was an absolute blast and the pics I've seen definitely prove that!!

{best buds}

{groom and best man}

{two cutest boys e.v.e.r :0) }

{speech time!}

{wedding ceremony}

{wedding party-GREAT pic!!}

Ramey and Greg's wedding was perfect. As always I bawled like a baby... like a sobbing mess, seriously. I just get so emotional seeing my friends so happy, its everything you've ever wanted for them coming true at that very moment, and I can never keep it together. ha!

We had SO much fun and no matter how much time and distance comes between our group of friends, as soon as we're all together, its like we never left. We pick up right from where we left off and its the greatest feeling. I laughed, cried and could not stop smiling for 3 days straight and it was so good for my soul. I LOVE THOSE GIRLS.

Ill let my pics tell the rest!

{the happy couple!}

{I was obsessed with their wine glasses, thought it was such a cute/funny idea!}

{dancing with Greg's son}

{greg dancing with his daughter}

{our  "dance routine" from HS to "Everybody" by the BSB, its awesome dont worry about it}

{a cupcake in a koozie... brilliat!!}


{love them!!}

We couldn't be happier for Ramey and Greg and Matt and Genie!! Congrats you guys!!

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  1. aww - love the pics! Ramey looked amazing! :)