Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009* Christmas Day and Day After

Even though Aiden had no idea it was Christmas morning it was still THE BEST feeling in the WORLD to wake up and get to see his smile and smother him with kisses and wish him a merry christmas! We woke daddy up next and headed upstairs to see the rest of the family. We didn't dig into presents because we wanted to wait til Ron got there so he could share in the festivities! In the mean time Aiden quickly found his pickle ornament! In Mike's family it's a tradition for his mom to hide the pickle ornament while everyone is still sleeping then we all look for it. This year there we 3 pickle ornaments... Aiden's, a girls one and a boys one. Alissa found the girls one before i did. Such a bummer! She got some beautiful hand made mittens, I was jealous! Aiden of course found his and Mike found the one for the guys. Its always fun to find it first and get the pickle prize! It's such a cute tradition and i intend to follow it every year!

We spent the rest of the morning opening presents which i FAILED to get any pictures of! I was not on top of it at all this Christmas with pictures, im SO mad at myself! Aiden got spoiled once again. He received a DVD player system for the car. Two screens that attach to each head rest, its pretty awesome. Wish we hadn't gotten so much stuff or i would have sat in the back seat with Aiden and watched Santa Buddies on the way back to Manhattan, but the car was completely PACKED FULL! Mike's parents got us a CAMCORDER! I was sooo excited! Its adorable and Ill probably do a post soon all about it! Too bad we dont have any videos of Aiden's first year of life but I did take a million pictures. I shot a lot of video footage this weekend and I love love love the camcorder. Now I just need to read the instruction manual and figure out how to upload them.

After eating lunch it was time to head back to Manhattan to spend the rest of the afternoon with my dad and siblings. The plan was to go to my grandparents house and eat and open presents with my dad's side of the family. But once again the weather ruined our plans and dinner was canceled because my aunt and uncle couldn't make it and it was safer for us all to not be out on the roads. We ended up just going out to my dads and hanging out with him and my siblings! It was so good to finally see all them!! We hadn't seen my niece Harper since the day she was born so I was DYING to hold her again. She is still tiny and  beautiful! Pax and Aiden embraced as soon as they saw each other, it was SO cute! We opened more presents, ate and played an intense game of Trivial Pursuit- Pop Culture! It was a great time! After getting stuck on my dads STEEP  driveway and having Mike, Josh, Tony and my dad push us up it, it was time to head back to our apartment. I was very eager to sleep in our own bed and just be HOME.

We finally made it up to my grandpa and grandma Long's on saturday. We had already planned on spending that day doing Christmas with my mom's side but pushed it back a little so we could go spend some time with them. The boys had fun running round and round and round their house and we were all exhausted from chasing them. It was a good time and i always love spending time at their house. Grandma had quite the touch with little Harper and had her fast asleep in minutes. I guess you never loose your mothers touch.

The rest of the afternoon we all got REAL COZY in our tiny apartment! My grandpa and grandma ekart, my mom and her boyfriend, my siblings and the kiddos relaxed ate tons of snacky foods, watched movies and opened MORE presents!

It was a WoNdErFuL Christmas and we were able to travel and spend time with ALL our loved ones! It was perfect and we are so blessed to have each other and all our family and friends!

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