Monday, July 18, 2011

Cars 2

Since we had such a BUSY 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July we had a pretty mellow 4th of July this year.
We ended up taking Aiden to see CARS 2 that afternoon!

We knew for awhile that this would be Aiden's first movie we took him too and we were all excited!

The only movie time that worked with our schedule was the 4pm 3-D showing. We ended up having to wake Aiden up from his nap to go... so he was a little out of it and defnitely wasn' t having my pictures.
He was decked out in his Cars shirt and hat!

{still a little tired}

Of course we had to do the whole sha-bang and got him the kids pack! he was SO excited for that and his POP! Duh :) The kid LOVES sprite and root beer...

If you ask me I thought the whole experience was OKAY. Mike feels differently...:)
I think our first mistake was the 3D film. He refused to wear the glasses and without them the movie was extremely blurry. The poor kid couldn't watch because he couldn't see! So for the first half his popcorn and fruit snacks kept him pretty occupied but once those were done, so was he.

The second mistake was the pop... he had to go to the bathroom THREE times. Sheesh.

But like I said it wasn't completely horrible and I think we all had a good time. We know what we'll do different next time and I already look forward to the next movie we can take him too!

Although Im NOT a fan of Winnie the Pooh, I think the movie looks super cute so maybe that'll be next... we'll see :)

Has CARS taken over anyone else's home besides ours?? Between Walmart and Target {both have CARS merchandise EVERYWHERE!!} and me being a huge sucker for anything that makes my baby happy, we've somehow accumulated...

The Cars movie, 2 Cars t-shirts and a Cars hat, Cars sippy cups, Cars pajamas, Cars bottled water, marshmallows, fruit snacks and cereal,  Cars coloring books, Cars cars, Cars pool raft and beach ball, Cars toothbrush and shampoo, a Cars blanket, Cars water bottle, a Cars big wheel, tricycle and bike helmet and even the pull ups and wipes have Cars on them.

O.M.G thats embarrasing. ha!

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  1. haha dane did the same thing. we didn't do the 3d, but he had to pee a ton of times! :)