Friday, July 22, 2011

We're Outskies!!!

As of 5pm this evening we are hittin the highway and heading to Mike's hometown, Hanover, KS!

Im SOOO excited!! We use to be in Hanover all the time when we lived in Manhattan but not that we are 3 hrs away instead of 1, we just dont get back enough :( Makes me so sad... I really enjoy that town!!

Mike's best friend and old roomy Pat is the creator of PFB Pyros and him and his crew put together ridiculous amazing firework displays. Each year they put on a show in Hanover and people come from all over to see it. They always do it before or after the 4th so it doesn't compete with the holiday weekend.  He coordinates it all to music!!! I've never seen anything like it or remotely close to its awesomeness ;)

There is always food and a dance after and we have SO much fun each year!!

Im anxious to see how Aiden does.... seems like he's afraid of everything these days...
I have a feeling he'll do just fine and usually he can barely keep his eyes open by the time the show starts.

We're going to get there pretty late tonight but I wanted to have ALLL day tomorrow to be there.
Brooke and Jeremy just moved back from Auburn, AL and we couldn't be more ecstatic.
Mike and Jeremy are golfing in the morning and me and Aiden are spending the day with Brooke and baby Ava!! I think we'll be meeting up with other friends and their kids at the pool as well... FUN!!!!

Mike's mom had scheduled family pictures with his side of the family for Saturday afternoon. I was excited for us all to be back in Hanover together and really excited to get a good pic but she ended up canceling them this week. Its just going to be too hot!! Im kind of glad because they were at 2:30 in the afternoon and I would have been a red, schweaty mess... i dont even want to know what my hair and makeup would look like. Linda and Alissa felt the same way and honestly the boys weren't too thrilled either, since we're wearing black and denim, so we'll hold off and try again in September!!
Of course Aiden is soooooooo excited to go to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Don's!! I made the mistake of telling him yesterday that we were going today after school, but first he needed to clean his room. He said "okay mommy, I cean my room!!" {that def did NOT happen,btw}  so when we got home and I took my shoes off he had a total meltdown!! "NOOOO mommy put ya shoes on, we goin  gama's house!!!!" and then I had to remind him that we weren't going til today and he continued to scream and cry and throw himself on the ground. {his school report from the day said he was "very emotional today" ummmm yeah, I see that!ha!}  Nothing a capri sun and an episode of bubble guppies couldn't fix but he was READY to go last night!  Sweet boy loves his grandparents. :0)

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!!

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