Monday, July 25, 2011

**BLAST** In Hanover!

We did in fact have a BLAST* In Hanover this past weekend. Exhausted is an understatement of how we feel today... even little Aiden had a hard Monday :( We need to get a GOOD nights sleep tonight!

{no Hanover trip is complete with out a new stash of koozies and coolers...god I love that place! ha!}

Getting out of town Friday night was a bit of a debacle but once we got on I-70 it was smooth sailing. Mike's client is in Topeka right now so that's where he goes every day. It was just easier for him to stay in Topeka and me swing through and get him on the way. Worked out just perfect... he had to wait for a bit longer than we had thought but he found a bar and had a couple drinks while he waited.

I grabbed Mc D's for Aiden on the way out of town, he devoured a cheeseburger and immediately passed out! ha!

{About the time I got on the highway I realized I had forgot my camera. Seriously, I was devastated!! I almost cried... I just HATE when Im stupid and unorganized and forget things!! (which happens A LOT) So all pics in this post are with my phone :( }

I was under the impression we were headed straight to bed once we got there {at 10:30pm} but Mike had other plans... so we pretty much dropped Aiden off at Don and Linda's to go to bed and him and I headed into town. Tyler and Cami were having people over for a poker night and Mike def wanted to play. {SO GLAD we went... he ended up winning it ALL!! woop woop!} I had a good time as well just catching up with some girls!

We headed to Snappers for some drinks afterwards and headed home around 2am. Aiden was up at 6am making for a very short night for us. Thank god for grandma Linda, we both slept a little longer while her and Aiden played. Mike had golf plans at 8am so he left and Linda and I just sat and drank coffee and played with Aiden. We headed to Washington around 11 to spend the day with Brooke and Ava!! After a yummy lunch we met 4 other moms and their kids at the pool. It was SO much fun!! The Washington pool was perfect for the kids and Aiden had a blast!!

After the pool we headed home for NAP time! Mommy and Aiden both enjoyed a little snooze :) We ended up missing church because we woke up right as Don and Linda were leaving... but Aiden getting a good nap was crucial since it was going to be a late night out for him.  Mike and Ron got home from playing 36 holes of golf {he is absolutely CRAZY!!!} right when we were done getting ready to they showered and we headed to Grandma Shirley's {aiden calls her "miss grandma" ...its the CUTEST thing! ha! } for dinner before the fireworks. In years past we just go straight to the grounds because they sell food up there but it was just TOO hot this year... we needed to stay in the AC as long we could.

The fireworks don't start til its DARK DARK so we headed up around 8ish and they started at 10:00pm. Aiden was having a good time walking around with Mady and her little friend Adrea and getting spoiled with popcorn and Cotton candy but he was SO tired by the time they started.

{there was an abandoned car in the middle of the field where the fireworks were... they announced numerous times that it needed to be moved and no one came forward... so they blew it up!!! Hilarious. Leave it up to those PFB pyros!}

So sad this one was blurry, it would have been good!

The fireworks show was ABOVE and BEYOND what I thought it'd be. Absolutely amazing!! I have never seen so many unique and beautiful fireworks in my life. The show was about 25 minutes long and he coordinated it to 4 songs. The "theme" was Elvis's "Burnin Love"

Aiden did really well. He was exhausted by the time the show started so he just sat on grandma's lap and watched.  He kept saying " this is scary! no this is fun! this is scary... no this is fun!!" If you ask him now though he says its scary. He also kept saying "they're falling down!!" and " I need sunglasses!!" It was cute... he was ready to go home as soon as it was over.

Mike and I stayed and hung out for awhile at the dance then we all headed to Snappers! {SO excited about my Snappers t-shirt!! thank you krista!!} It was SOO packed in there but it was great to see everyone and catch up, we had a lot of fun!!

Sunday was lazy and we headed back to KC around 2... it was such a long drive home. Aiden slept 2 of the 3 hrs and the last hr he cried the WHOLE time because he wanted to go back to grandma's... good thing we'll see them again this weekend.

They are coming up to watch Aiden because we have a VERY busy weekend ahead ... Im already exhausted just thinking about it...

::Friday night::
Deloitte's "poker night"- a work event for Mike's company that we're going to

 Me- Work and Kenny Chesney concert
 Mike-oil change and Warrior Dash

Buffy's bridal brunch

Should be fun :0)

Sorry again about the phone pics....

Here are a couple videos of the fireworks... VERY VERY pool quality, again thanks to my phone, but you can hear the music and see how they coordinate with it... and if you listen good you can hear Aiden and his comments :)

{Grrrrr... I can NOT get the other one uploaded :( It has all of Aiden's funny comments and my FAVORITE Fireworks. boo!! Too tired to keep trying}
Good night!!



  1. I love hearing all of the cute things that Aiden says!

  2. Ok is it weird that the video made me cry? I don't know WHAT it is about fireworks and music that gets me all vaklempt!! Plus hearing Aiden's voice was too cute and made me sad cause I miss him :( I bet you are ready for a weekend that you don't have to do ANYTHING!! Have fun at the concert (jealous) think of me Saturday morning, I will be up at the butt crack of dawn running 5 miles (next weekend, 6!!!) AAAAAHH!