Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Im Lovin Wednesday

I decided to try something new and link up with Jaime over at for her What Im Lovin Wednesday posts! {I did NOT know this existed when I started my "Things Im Lovin" posts! just sayin... }
WoOp WOop its Hump day folks!!! Im SO LOVIN that its Wednesday already!! Im sad that this is my first time linking up and Im drawing a complete blank on things im lovin... these will have to do!

I'm a banana bread baking FOOL lately!!! I found a yummy recipe over at The House of Smith's blog and I've made it twice in the past week! It makes 7 mini loaves so I brought some into work and taking some to my sis's tonight. Like I said they are MINI so they dont last long. Here is the recipe... its SO easy and SO yummy. This last batch I added walnuts to a few loaves and one I just sprinkled the top with the walnuts.. of course that one was my favorite and I only had on loaf. Im sure ill be making more soon!!!

This  absolutely by far my FAVORITE bath soap for Aiden!! Omg I could just DIE over the smell. I love and hug on him constantly after a bath because I just can't get enough of it!! :) We couldn't use anything scented on his skin for the first year of his life. WIth his extremely bad case of excema and his super sensitive skin we had to use un-scented/ free and clear EVERYTHING :( Now that he's grown out of all that we can use any lotion or soap and I love it :) I think I'll use baby soap on him his whole life :) ha!

While shopping at Hy-vee last night I saw this in the cereal aisle. Im always looking for a quick, healthy breakfast to eat on our hectic mornings. There were tons of these little boxes on the top shelf of the oatmeal section but this one was the only one with no sugar and only 100 calories. I was a bit skeptical that it'd be really bland but it wasn't at all! I REALLY liked! My biggest problem is finding something that keeps me full for longer than an hour,  since I eat breakfast at 8 and dont go to lunch til 1/130.  This did keep me full for  a few hrs which is good... but I usually end up needing a mid morning snack around 11. ha!

{sorry I just noticed that the theme of todays post is FOOD! ha! such a fat kid...} Im not sure if Im lovin Sushi or if Ill even like it but Im LOVIN that I get to spend tonight with some of my favorite girls!! We're meeting at RA for a little mid week din din/catch up time! I don't like fish and I've only had california rolls so we'll see if I can find something to eat there that I like ;) I might be hitting up tbell on the way home. ha!

Enough about food already right??!!
I'll leave you with some DIY Im lovin...

Hope everyone is having a great week so far !!


  1. Mmm... that banana bread looks delicious. I'm hungry just thinking about it! Reese has terrible eczema too and I am dying to use something other than Cetaphil body wash on her. Hope she grows out of it so I can try the Baby Magic.

  2. omg that ribbon wreath is to die for. i might just have to make something like that.

  3. Sushi is the bomb diggity!! I bet you would like yellowtail it is a very mild fish. Fish is the second bomb diggity, sea bass, trout, all very yummo. By the time you read this though you will have already went there so this doesn't mean much to you. Love the post, miss you lots, smooches.

  4. Mmm! That bread looks delicious! And, sushi? TO DIE FOR!! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!