Monday, December 7, 2009


It's officially Aiden's 1st birthday WEEK! The big day is saturday and we can't wait!!!! Today he received his first package in the mail... it was even addressed to him. I was SO confused and figured it was our x-mas cards even though i thought i had sent those to my work. Anyways, aiden had fallen asleep in the car so i took him straight to his crib for a nap, unloaded the groceries then opened then package. I knew immediately when i saw the box what they were. I was like a kid on christmas and RIPPED the package open, i had no clue who had sent them but i so thrilled. They were COWBOY BOOTS, his FIRST pair!!! I have been wanting to get him some for awhile but i just kept forgetting. I was so happy i almost cried, i immediately started searching for a name because i still had no idea who they were from. I looked at the receipt that came with it and saw my friend's name... Casey Schnitz. Of course, i mean WHO ELSE would send him boots besides his small town, pig farming, adorable auntie casey!?! She is such an amazing friend and has always been so good at remembering birthdays and always finding the most perfect gifts. She completely out did herself again and we are so thankful, she is the best! I wanted to wake him up from his nap SO bad but he isn't feeling well so he definitely needed to get some rest. As soon as i heard him wake up i brought him into the living room and put the boots on. He was NOT happy and refused to try to walk in them and just started bawling. Oops, i should have known, he was still pretty out of it. So we had a snack and mike got home from class and later this evening we gave it another shot. He was a little clumsy at first but figured it out pretty quick. He looked adorable, even in his filthy shirt and sweats. He'll be wearing them ALL the time, thank you so much casey, we love you!!


  1. SO CUTE! Will wore Joe's old pair when he was just about this age (now they're too small:( ) and he loved clicken around in them.

  2. i know i saw your pics, they were adorable. Im sure mike has to have an old pair, i should ask his mom!! Aiden's aren't the clicking kind, they are more like reg shoes on the bottom so they should be quite comfy for him to wear a lot!

  3. I love them!!! Pax's fat feet would never fit in boots! Hope he starts feelin better before his big day!