Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving #2

We were fortunate to have 2 Thanksgivings! On saturday we headed to my dads house and spent the day with his side of the family. Nothing beats my dads cooking... it was amazing. After dinner auntie sarah got BOTH boys to take naps while amy and I started on the dishes. After relaxing for a bit myself it was time to head to Peyton's first birthday party! 

Aiden was curious about this new place we were at so he spent most the time wondering around the mccain's home and getting in their kitchen cabinets. He helped peyton open one gift but then it was off to explore again... this is what happens when they start walking, they dont want to sit still for anything!! Im anxious to see how he does at his own birthday party this coming weekend! 

After the party we went back out to my dads house and had to say goodbye to everyone. It was sad since I wont be seeing Pax and Amy again until miss Harpers arrival and they wont see Aiden again until Christmas :( They wont be able to make it to his first birthday party since amy will probably be coming home from the hospital that day and they want to spend some time together as their new family of 4! 

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