Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Aiden!!

Our little monkey turned 1 this past weekend! Im still in dis belief that he is really a year old and im pretty much in denial about it. He is my baby and he always will be! We celebrated on his actual birthday which was saturday. The morning started with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast then some playing and a nap. Nana Jana and auntie sarah watched him while Mike and I went and picked up some food and the balloons for the party. We had the celebration at my dads house, there is so much more room there. I was very pleased with how everything turned out, the decorations, the monkey cupcakes, aiden's great mood, lots of food and our amazing family and friends who were there to help celebrate. It was a perfect day and Aiden had a great time. He received lots of nice new toys and clothes, his favorite being the car he can ride on or push from behind and it has lots of fun NOISY buttons for him to push! All day i just kept thinking about how a year ago i was being induced, giving birth, holding him for the first time... and now he is a toddler! Time goes by so fast! Our lives have changed so much and we are loving every second of it. Aiden is truly a blessing and im honored to be his mom. I can't wait to see what this year brings and how much he'll change, he is so smart and and funny and always a joy to be around!!
yummy choc chip pancakes!!
sprucing up papa's old school high chair!
the banner i made with pics birth-1yr
the birthday boy!! so handsome!
the table
close up of his monkey, invitation, and monkey book
monkey cupcakes!!
with mommy and daddy "opening" gifts

his new favorite toy!


  1. love it!! he is a precious gift from God and our family is so blessed to have him in our lives!! You and Mikey should be so proud of yourselves, you have done an amazing job and are raising a wonderful little man and I can't wait to watch him grow up. Enjoy every minute but just know that there are many fun times ahead!! Love you all!

  2. Aww! His birthday decorations were sooooo cute! Great job!!!!! I love planning birthdays! I've already started Addie's 3rd (May 29th) and Mia's 2nd (Aug 13th)!! : ) It's so much fun!