Sunday, December 6, 2009


Aiden had his first "haircut" on friday! Mike had scheduled an appointment with our friend Jodi and we decided to take Aiden along so she could trim the back of his hair. His hair in the back is the only thing growing! Which doesn't surprise me because my hair does the same thing. The back grows at rapid speed and in curls and the front and sides dont grow at all... sounds like we could have killer mullets if we wanted to! HA! Well my sisters have been tormenting me to get it cut because they think it looked like a rat tail. I agree it was getting pretty bad but i had become quite fond of  his hair and i love playing with his curls. With his birthday coming up and his 1 yr pics we decided to get a little trim.  He did pretty good and just chewed on a comb will jodi did a few snips, he kept getting distracted by me wanting to get pics so i put the camera away so his ear didn't get cut off :)

BEFORE :i love his little curls


ha ha, you can see how LONG it had gotten!
Jodi put his hair in a zip lock baggy and ill put it in his baby book!