Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009* Dec 22-23rd

I can't believe Christmas is actually OVER!! All the presents, all the wrapping, all the laughs, all the food, all the games, all the family and all the FUN and its all over and back to work tomorrow. BOO!

On the 22nd we took Aiden to see santa at the mall! He handled it exactly how i thought he would! The child before him flipped out so i was holding aiden and turned him around quickly thinking he would see  that and have the same reaction. NOPE! Being the BiG boy that he is we let him walk up to santa. Bad idea he was way more interested in the pretty christmas tree and the huge bulbs. So Mike redirected him towards santa and put him on his lap. Aiden just STARED at him, just like he does to most strangers.  He'll just stare you up and down and with in five minutes he loves ya! Santa didn't get there til 3pm which is during aiden's nap time so he was extremely tired. We had to try forever to get him to smile but the sweet lady working finally got one and they captured the pic! (i didn't get it on my camera though) I thought for his first time seeing santa (last year doesn't count since he was 2 weeks old) he handled it perfectly and hopefully next year he will be the same way!

We left Manhattan on the 23rd. The weather was suppose to get bad so we decided to forego the annual ginger bread party with my besties from high school and head straight to hanover when mike got off work. The weather ended up being fine but better safe than sorry and now that we're traveling with a baby we can't take any chances!! We spent the evening with mike's grandma, parents, siblings, aunt/uncle, cousins and their children. It was a great time as usual. Little Aiden was up until 11pm! He was SO good though and just played with the kids and explored great-grandma's house!

I will finish my christmas posts tomorrow!!

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