Sunday, December 6, 2009

I hope mommy has bad days more often

Sometimes its necessary for some good ol' milk and cookies! This was thursday night when mike was working and i had had a bad day at work. I decided Aiden and I needed a little treat... double stuff oreos! I tried to just give him a bite of one of mine but even that made a mess so i put him in the high chair took his shirt off and just gave him one. He kept looking at me like "are you serious, are you really letting me have this" He only had ONE  (wish i could say the same for myself) and that was enough since he went straight to the bath then it was bed time. I definitely think he enjoyed our little treat as did I! 

Doing his new "lip" thing

He would take a bit then CHUG his milk!

Look mom!!


  1. these pics are priceless! Poor kid needs to have treats more often, you just send him to Auntie Amy's house, I will bake him lots of goodies :) He looks so big (not fat just not a baby anymore) Give him smooches from me. Love you!

  2. yummo!! I agree with Amy, he only got 1 cookie?!? Bubba deserves more then that! Good job switching the highchair cover back :)